Access STIX data products with APIs

1. Data query HTTP APIs


    • Data measurement start time and stop time.
    • Supported time formats:
      yyyy-dd-mmTHH:MM:SS, yyyyddmmHHMM, yyyydd, yyyyddmm, yyyy-dd, yyyy-dd-mm
  • PRODUCT_TYPE options:

    l0			 -  xray_l0_user,
    l1			 -  xray_l1_user,
    l2			 -  xray_l2_user,
    l3			 -  xray_l3_user, 
    spec			 -  spectrogram_user,
    asp			 -  aspect, 
    aspect			 -  aspect, 
    lc			 -  ql_light_curves,
    bkg			 -  ql_background, 
    var			 -  ql_variance, 
    ffl			 -  flareflag_location,
    cal			 -  calibration_spectrum,
    qlspec			 -  ql_spectrogram,
    hkmin			 -  hk_mini,
    hkmax			 - hk_maxi,
    hk			 -  all housekeeping products,
    ql			 -  all quicklook products,
    sci			 -  all science products,
    housekeeping		 -  the same as hk,
    quicklook		 -   the same as quicklook,
    science			 -  the same as sci

Responses are in JSON format. URLs to download the fits file will be given in the responses if data products are found.

Here are some examples:

An example of a query response:

"time_range_utc": ["2020-06-09T13:08:37.133", "2020-06-10T13:47:01.077"], 
"raw_file_id": "294",
"creation_time": {"$date": 1595430303641}

2. Python APIs

Python APIs are under development. A preliminary version can be found at